Entrepreneur Shares Secrets To Six-Figure Income Success

Entrepreneur Shares Secrets To Six-Figure Income Success

Laurie Hurley always knew what she wanted, a family, a nice home, and a business that afforded her the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life. She worked in the hotel industry where she found herself shaking hands with two Presidents and escorting the Ambassador to the United States and the First Lady to functions at the famed Waldorf-Astoria hotel. During her professional life, she was one of two women in upper management. She lived the glamorous life in Manhattan, attending many celebrity functions at famous museums and restaurants, but almost always in an official “work” capacity, representing the hotel.
However, as many of those in Corporate America know, success in the Corporate world sometimes came at great personal sacrifice. This included 12-15 hour work days and very little, if any, time to enjoy the wonderful city in which she lived. There was also the struggle of working so effortlessly for someone else, watching them achieve enormous wealth, while watching your earnings increase only slightly each year.
Hurley knew that with her skills and experience, there had to be something better out there. And so began

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